Vibratory finishing -

Vibratory finishing

We carry out Vibratory finishing and Barrelling with the use of abrasive and ceramic inserts that allow us to remove the burrs present on parts coming from shearing, turning and casting molding.

The development of innovative techniques and the use of new materials allow us to carry out non-aggressive vibratory finishing processes capable of obtaining low roughness and highly reflective surfaces.
Vibratory finishing is typically used to remove substrate residues, burrs and imperfections generally due to processing, it is particularly suitable for giving a uniform surface finish to a large number of pieces.


The processing is performed with low-intensity vibrating machinery, which with appropriate supports of certain shapes, sizes, materials and adequate additives "regularize" and finish the surfaces of the piece to be treated, in a variable time frame depending on the result to be obtained relatively. to the material to be processed.

At the end of the finishing process it is dried.

This processing is mainly used in order to obtain a regular piece free from HALOS, RESIDUE and IMPERFECTION.
Excellent for obtaining a very beautiful finished piece.
It can also be performed for subsequent processing (polishing, painting and other).


Machinable materials: aluminum, iron, steel, light alloys, brass, plastic materials and other materials on test.